December 2017
A Window on the Past

There is some beautiful architecture in Barnstaple if we have time to stop for a moment and admire it and locally based Pearce Construction are proud to be part of maintaining this heritage. Their Joinery Manager, Mark Coles, has recently been currently working on a window refurbishment project for Woodward Smith Architects, located opposite The Castle Mound near Barnstaple Library. “Our joinery projects often have an interesting history and this one is no exception.  The building was once the base for Glidden and Squires which sold lawn mowers and tools, with a store room above, which had large arched doors.  In the late 1980s, these were replaced by the huge, stylish windows which we all know.  This work was undertaken in the Pearce Construction Joinery Workshop by Raymond Taylor, who was Senior Site Agent for Pearce from 1960-1995. Recently, my team and I have worked on the restoration of these beautiful windows, to conserve the look and character of the building, which also features the unusual white Marland Bricks made here in North Devon. All in all, the work brought back a lot of happy memories and I think my team did a great job.” 

Attachment: Joinery_History_PR_Piece.pdf

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